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RCS Care in Support of Defense Personnel

Independence Day, though a glorious chapter in Indian history yet there remains sadness over the condition of our legendary war fighting personnel and their families to date.
While all of India is celebrating Independence day and using the flag to attract customers and run profit-making schemes, Ram Chander & Sons, India’s Oldest Toy Store, feels humble to walk the other way.
At Ram Chander & Sons, as part of RCS Care and input given by senior defense officers, throughout the Independence weekend (Sat. & Sun – 15-16th Aug), all defense personnel (retired or in-service) and their immediate families will get a flat 20% discount (on presentation of valid id card).
Also, all other customers will be offered special deals. 
In addition to this, 10% of all sales will be contributed by Ram Chander & Sons towards defense personnel’s welfare. This 10% will go towards helping the defense personnel fighting for One Rank One Pension (OROP) and families of war widows including those who have suffered from terrorist attacks. 
For a change no profit but duty to the defense of the country.
This is a totally non-commercial venture. Please help us spread the message to all. 

Hornby, Ferrari, Action Figures – Exciting Series at ToyChamps

As Shaun the sheep rests comfortably in RCS, this weekend enjoy three new exciting series at and Ram Chander & Sons.

According to your preference, please click on the desired link.
Should you face any problem or have any query, please feel free to call or mail.

Three exciting weekend series to choose from on ToyChamps

Ferrari Signature Series in Die Cast Collectibles – click here to view

Hornby Trains & Accessories – click here to view

Crazy Toys Action Figure Series – click here to view

Kids’ Ride-On Bike – Licensed BMW K1300S

Only at RCS Toys – India’s Oldest Toy Store
D-1 Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001

Limited Stock





  • Licensed BMW bike K1300S Mottorad Ride-On
  • Sporty & eye catcher with amazingly smooth ride
  • Easy controls for complete safety of children
  • Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • 6V/1.7 AH Rechargeable Battery & 30 W Motor
  • 3 Speed Adjustments & Dashboard Lights
  • Front lights flashing with music rhythm
  • Key Start & Slow-Start Function
  • Battery operated with rechargeable battery.

Technical Sepcifications

  • Driving Motor: DC 6V/30W (550) big gearbox
  • Charger: Input AC 10-240V (50-60 Hz), Output DC 8V/750mA
  • Rechargeable Battery: DC 6V/7AH (1 piece)

Length: 106.8 cm; Width: 50 cms; Height: 65.7 cms

rcs-toys-bmw-bike-ride-on-toychamps-blue rcs-toys-bmw-bike-ride-on-toychamps-red




Bandai Collectibles

Bandai Collectibles


Superman Collectible Figures / Statues

Buy online at


superman-for-tomorrow-crazy-toys-rcs-toys superman-for-tomorrow-1-crazy-toys-rcs-toys superman-for-tomorrow-2-crazy-toys-rcs-toys superman-for-tomorrow-3-crazy-toys-rcs-toys superman-for-tomorrow-4-crazy-toys-rcs-toys superman man of steel rcs toys crazy toys superman man of steel rcs toys crazy toys-1 superman man of steel rcs toys crazy toys-1a superman man of steel rcs toys crazy toys-1b superman man of steel rcs toys crazy toys-2

Fun Games

Fun Games

hit the hat RCS530-rcs-toys-lexicon

domino train set domino train set-1a domino train set-1

RCS Toys Revell Hobby Model Kits

Buy Online at ToyChamps

05722_F4U4_Corsair_Flying_Bulls 05722_#K#M_Geschenkset_F4U4_Corsair_Flying_Bulls

rcs-toys-revell-5724-ec-135-flying-bulls-3 rcs-toys-revell-5724-ec-135-flying-bulls-4 rcs-toys-revell-65814-toychamps


revell-63984-p-47m-thunderbolt revell-63985-sea-hurricane-mkII-1 revell-64116-fokker-dr-1-triplane revell-64143-F4u-5-corsair revell-64143-F4u-5-corsair-1


rcs-toys-revell-64282-eurofighter-typhoon rcs-toys-revell-64847-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-65125-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-65801-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-65802-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-65805-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-65808-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-65812-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-65896-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-65897-la-reale rcs-toys-revell-navy-swiftboat-65122


rcs-toys-revell-2596-British-Paratroopers-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-2631-British-Infantry-WWI-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-3097-Leopard-2A6-A6M-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-3112-M-1-A1-HA-Abrams-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-3149-Soviet-Battle-Tank-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-3191-Cromwell-Mk-IV-6-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-3196-M4A1-Sherman-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-3228-m16-halftrack-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-3235-german-staff-car-g4-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-3981-focke-wulf-ta-152-h-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-3984-p47-m-thunderbolt-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4061-Royal-Aircraft-Facto-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4279-B-17F-Memphis-Belle-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4363-F-16A-Fighting-Falco-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4420-AH-64D-Longbow-Apache-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4469-RAH-66-Comanche-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4517-Dassault-rafale-M-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4652-Westland-Sea-Lynx-Mk-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4655-Dornier-Do-17-Z-2-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4664-Sukhoi-T-50-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4670-Handley-Page-Halifax-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4758-Mosquito-Mk-IV-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4839-Mil-Mi-24V-Hind-E-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4844-F-16-c-solo-turk-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4857-Bf-110-G-4-Nightfighter-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-4874-F-A-18C-Hornet-Swiss-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-5016-hms-king-george-V-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-5019-German-Submarine-U21-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-5078-U-Boat-XXI-type-w-in-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-5711-Gift-Set-Battle-of-Britain-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-5729-Gift-Set-RAF-WWII-Classics-toychamps rcs-toys-revell-5794-Gift-Set-Flying-Legends-8th-usaaf-toychamps rcs-toys-toychamps-revell-2158-express-locomotives rcs-toys-toychamps-revell-2402-combat-pilots rcs-toys-toychamps-revell-2530-british-commandoes



Fun Learning


rcs-toys-musical-kaleidoscope-E musical-kaleidoscope-1-E


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